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Wedding Photographer & Videographer in Paris

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A Wedding is more than just a ceremony or a party. For me, it is a designed event that represents the couple's personality. I craft images artistically to fit a comprehensive design. As a couple, it is important to choose a photographer or videographer based on how his style fits into your overall vision for your special day and how well he can integrate the image creation into the theme of the event!

For many years wedding photography was overly posed. In the 90's photojournalism changed the trend in modern wedding photography. Old approaches were gone in favor of candid imagery created with little photographer-subject interaction. There was a new freedom, wedding photography was suddenly fun and creative. Photographers didn't have to spend the day taking posed shots of families. They became free to roam and apply their unique eye to the event. However, the industry's overall standards of quality went down. Photojournalism is not a "spray and pray" shooting technique that lacks artistic planning. It involves careful consideration of camera placement, composition and exposure. 


Standing back and snapping away doesn't feel natural to me. I like to step in the scenes and create images with my unique vision. My images still have life, movement, and emotion. They aren't statically posed but they have my subtle touch. I think of a wedding as a cohesive event with a common design theme. My approach is about creating a cohesive collection of artistic images. It's more than documentation. It's about integrating the personalities of the subjects with the setting to craft distinctive images that illustrate the unique appeal of each event.

I am a 27 years old English speaking photographer and videographer in Paris. Whether it's for a wedding, an elopement or an engagement session, I will make your photos in the city of love a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Wedding videos in Paris

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